Timeshare companies are trying to turn away from court orders to ex-customers
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RDO warnings

It appears the RDO, (Resort Development Organisation) a governing body within the Timeshare industry, has been warning owners of the possible pitfalls of taking action against the resorts through reclaim services offered by some companies. Amongst others, the warnings are quite specific towards companies based in the Canary Islands.

While we are happy to hear that action is being taken against any fraudulent companies claiming to be law firms, or specialists in the field of reclaims, we also highlight that there could be a conflict of interest, as some of the RDO members also happen to be directors of Timeshare marketing companies.

The advice given from the resorts is to verify any details through KwikChex, a service which is funded by the RDO to offer free advice before you go ahead with any claim.

Could this prove to be a conflict of Interest? We leave that for you to decide, however as with any legal mater, we always advise you to check the credentials of any company you chose to represent you.

Winning Case after case

Here at TRC, we have had another positive start to the year, and seen an increase in the number of cases presented to the courts. As with any legal proceedings, it can often be a lengthy process, but as our results show, the law is on your side.

This year we have secured refunds of contracts large and small with individual claims ranging from 60.00€ to those in excess of 100,000€.

No Matter the size of your investment, TRC are proud to represent you in claiming your right to a legal contract.
You can follow our cases through the news section on our webpage, along with updates on timeshare news and views.

Visit us at https://www.timeshareclaim.eu/news/

Resorts trying new tactics

Our attention was drawn to a particular Timeshare resort in the Canary Islands this month, and the lengths they allegedly go to in order to withhold court ordered payments. The Canaria Journalen, an established news company in the islands, reported that after a slew of successful reclaims, amounting to thousands of euros against illegally sold timeshare, the resort question is said to have withheld payment on financial grounds.

In addition to this existing clients were being offered enticing deals with apartment changes, different types of ownership, and upgrades which would result in new contracts, thus avoiding any chance of possible claims against the clients original contract – however with all the same ownership restrictions as they faced previously.

You can see our post about it and the full report here:

Carnival Fever

Carnival fever hit Gran Canaria with a Bang this month. Many who have visited the Islands during the months of February and March will know how important this is to the Locals and tourists alike.

Participants in the Queen of Queen’s pageant often spend most of the year planning elaborate floats, dance routines and spectacular costumes.
This year TRC were proud to sponsor our very own Queen – Drag Shiky. , with local TV interviews, press coverage, and show stopping performances on the main stages in Las Palmas and Maspalomas.

Drag Shiky pulled out all the stops to ensure a place in the final and we were in the crowd to cheer him on.

You can see his performance on our Facebook page, or follow the link to see him in the news: https://bit.ly/2U41xtE ( in case it’s a bit long he starts at minute 37!)

Easter Greetings

Finally, as we end March and April fast approaches, we send our clients and friends best wishes for Easter, and if you are lucky enough to be travelling somewhere lovely for the break (Timeshare or not!!)

The team at TRC wish you a wonderful holiday!

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