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We offer you a clear and transparent service contract and we provide all the documentation in your own language.

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We keep you informed at all times on how your case is evolving with personal attention to make you understand the process.

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You can count on Spanish Lawyers specialized in Timeshare law.

Within TRC we have created a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, consultants and economists, with over 20 years experience in timeshare.


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Still have questions?

1How long will the court cases take?
The court cases can take anywhere between 15 to 24 months in the 1st instance.
2How long will it take to receive the refund once the sentence in favor is obtained?
After the final court case is sentenced, the funds take a further 4 to 6 months to be collected.
3Do I still have to pay my fees during the process?
During the whole process all of the fees such as maintenance fees etc… must be paid and you will still have the use of your weeks.
4How will I know what the status of my claim is?
During the whole process you will receive constant information on the progress of your claim.
5What tax implications will the interest of the claim have for me in Spain?
The interest is considered as an income and therefore a 25% non-resident income tax applies
6What is the basic procedure?
  • Revision of your documentation and weeks owned.
  • Decision on behalf of the client regarding which contract he/she would like to claim back.
  • Preparation and signing of the services contract and the 1st part of the payment due.
  • Power of attorney must be obtained. This can be done in Spain or in your home country. We will provide you with the documentation needed to sign at the notary.
  • Translation of all documents
  • Preparation of the court case/s.
  • Celebration of the court case/s
  • After the final court case is sentenced, the money will take a further 4 to 6 months to be collected.
  • Once the client has received the money, the payment for the 2nd part of the fees will be due.
7What Documentation will I need?
  • Copies of your original contracts with the resort
  • Copy of Passports with Apostille of all the owners of the weeks
  • POA that can be done in Spain or in home country ( document provided by TRC)

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