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Reclaim or Relinquish

When your timeshare is not in Spain, can you still reclaim?

If you are following our Facebook Page, reading our blog or visiting our webpage, chances are you own a Timeshare, and are probably interested in getting rid of it! Here in Spain the precedent for reclaiming against a timeshare ownership was set in the Supreme Court of Madrid by an owner from the Anfi Group in the Canary Islands, who was awarded a full refund of her Timeshare due to being mis sold – in other words, her contract was not legal and did not comply to the European Timeshare legislation.

With the Spanish courts taking the lead, and with the help of TRC, hundreds of unhappy owners have been able to find a solution and gain a refund from illegally sold contracts, but what are the options for those who, for whatever reason, don’t have a case to claim or have ownership in a country other than Spain?
Over the last few years we have seen a surge of owners trying in vain to sell their weeks, or pay extortionate fees to list their weeks on resale sites, and in desperation try to give the ownership back to the resort, but relinquishing the weeks has often become a minefield of costly paperwork and unclear information, with some resorts refusing this request
With years of experience, and specialist Timeshare lawyers we can now offer our Relinquish service. Our legal team will guide you through the process of correctly Relinquishing your weeks back to the resort. Whether you own Points, weeks, perpetuity contracts, certificate ownership, fractional ownership, leasehold or freehold, we will ensure that you are free from any further obligations and costly maintenance fees.

No matter which country your ownership is based in we can help you find a solution to your timeshare woes. Contact our office for further information and a free, no obligation review of your contracts.

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