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Very Good News From High Court. Holiday Club Ruling

Holiday Club Must Pay

The Third Chamber of the Provincial Court of Las Palmas has issued a ruling today, the 12/02/2020, in favour of the appeal presented by our lawyers against a previous sentence, in which Holiday Club was ordered to pay our client, by returning their weeks that were given as payment in species instead of the full amount. Weeks that had been previously acquired from the Puerto Calma Group.

Obviously, this criteria implied returning weeks that were already declared void, with the impossibility of claiming against Grupo Puerto Calma, since they could argue that such rights no longer corresponded to the client, the latter remaining in a situation of manifest helplessness.

Our attorneys have filed appeals for all the sentences ruled against Holiday Club in these terms, and this first resolution, with over 120,000€ awarded, is a great step to breaking the unfair and unlawful situation that that the courts of first instance held until now.

Congratulations to all the team at TRC!!




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