Reclaim or Relinquish


Timeshare companies are trying to turn away from court orders to ex-customers

The prosecuting authorities of Las Palmas will have approved two reviews of the timeshare company Anfi del Mar for failing to pay past customers after being charged by the courts and for insolvency, according to the newspaper Canarias Ahora. It should be a law firm that represents the Anfi customers who have submitted the reviews against Anfi Resorts and Anfi […]

You can lose your right to claim your money back

We have recently heard of many Timeshare resorts in Spain offering enticing deals. One example we learned of was at Anfi resort in the Canary Islands. While we applaud their efforts for legalising contracts, it is often unclear for the owner as to the reasons why! Some of the offers on the table have included an “upgrade” of your contract […]

Timeshare for one?

Timeshare for one? As a single traveller you may have been faced with the annoyance of having to pay a ‘single supplement’.  Having to fork out for the ‘privilege’ of travelling alone can feel frustrating – not to mention downright unfair.  It can seem as though you are being penalised for holidaying on your own.  In recent years we have […]

How do you know if it’s a scam?

Every day we hear more and more stories in the news about scam Timeshare calls and ever more elaborate schemes that will get you out of your timeshare ownership, and promise a tidy profit at the end. The most recent bought to our attention saw a client receive a call, allegedly from an office associated with the High Court in […]

TRC in Europe

If you are stuck with an unwanted Timeshare or believe you have been sold a timeshare that does not comply with the laws and legislations what can you do?  TRC has grown over the last three years to become one of the most trusted reclaim companies in Spain, fighting for your rights, and securing hundreds of clients a way out. […]