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You can lose your right to claim your money back

We have recently heard of many Timeshare resorts in Spain offering enticing deals. One example we learned of was at Anfi resort in the Canary Islands. While we applaud their efforts for legalising contracts, it is often unclear for the owner as to the reasons why! Some of the offers on the table have included an “upgrade” of your contract […]

Timeshare companies in Gran Canaria must pay back Norwegian and Swedish customers

Timeshare companies in Gran Canaria must pay back Norwegian and Swedish customers Original Article From www.canariajournalen.com Several new rulings in favour of Norwegian and Swedish clients against timeshare companies in Gran Canaria have been announced in recent weeks.  A lady from Drammen has been awarded approximately 200,000 euros. The Canary Journal has been given access to the judgment of the […]

Try before you buy Timeshare.

Surprisingly enough, the Timeshare industry is still going strong, and in some cases expanding. With sales decks in many countries, visit most major holiday destinations and you can almost guarantee that somewhere along the way you will be offered a tour around a resort.  But how do you know the place you are being  show is actually a Timeshare resort,  […]

New victory for TRC

As we had already anticipated, at the Holiday Club owners’ meetings, held December 2016, three items were included in the order of the day that, if approved, could have meant the total loss of the rights to claim by the customers affected by the contracts celebrated in perpetuity. Here are the three points of controversy: * Analysis and approval, as […]